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Tenaui Africa Limited provides efficient and reliable production printers that have revolutionary and high image quality, ultra-light speed and sustainable inline finishing options to meet any job.

Our Canon production printers are incorporated with innovative technologies to meet the needs and expectations of the most demanding professional print environments. Canon production printers have a leading role in digital production performance with high-speed processing of complex, graphics-intensive files. They are reliable with colour management tools that produce consistent and accurate colour to satisfy your customers and sustain customers’ loyalty.

Tenaui Africa Limited has state-of-the-art Canon Large Format Solutions that are reliable to deliver sharp and excellent colour, detailed and lasting, high durable results for both indoor and outdoor applications. These robust Canon Large Format printers give you the flexibility to print on a wide range of media; they provide the right print quality to satisfy your customers. They produce high-quality results faster, more economically and with unparalleled image quality.

Our Canon Large Format Solutions are designed to give your construction, architectural and engineering firm the required wide format documents in your daily work. They will give you the opportunity to stand-out in a competitive market by developing a more creative, cost-effective approach to printing; this will increase revenue for your business. The maximum visual impact of our Canon Large Format printers will serve as an instrument to open and sustain new business opportunities for you.

Tenaui Africa Limited has reliable canon office printers that produce high-quality prints in a simple and efficient way. Our office printers are robust with professional printing features on an intuitive user interface to make printing easy, accurate and user-friendly.

Canon office printers have been designed to maximize productivity with a multifunctional device to simplify printing, scanning, copying and faxing. These canon printers are efficient and reliable to meet tight customer deadlines.

They also have a flexible technology that enables you to print on almost anything; thus, you have the confidence to accept all printing requests from your customers. Canon office printers transform your office into a true digital workspace and give you the opportunity to achieve prints in unprecedented brilliance.

Tenaui Africa Limited has experienced and professional engineers that can handle any offline challenges your printer might develop. Our engineers are technically and professionally oriented to handle canon printers by following due processes of maintenance and repair. Thus, they are skilled in understanding indicators that expose potential faults on canon printers to administer appropriate preventive measures.

Hence, our maintenance service is guaranteed to put your printers in their best shapes to deliver quality and reliable service. It also cuts unnecessary expenses on frequent maintenance.

Managed Print Services is a service we offer to manage all aspects of your business printing devices, including printers, scanners, faxes, and copiers. This service provided by Tenaui Africa Limited will regulate the total cost of managing and optimizing your printers, their output, and the people and processes that support these devices.

With the Managed Print Services, Tenaui Africa Limited will manage your print infrastructure while you concentrate on your real business. This will keep your business and staff focused on the priority and vision of your business, reduces print costs, improve productivity in your business and enhance the effectiveness of your print environment.

Tenaui Africa Limited has a proven track record in deploying Managed Print Services through a global network of highly experienced and professional personnel. The experiences acquired by our engineers made them to proactively identify and solve potential printing before it becomes a limiting factor that interrupts the smooth running of your business. Thus, deploying Managed Print Services allows us to monitor your printing environment and use ongoing process improvements to save you time and energy.

Managed Print Services is subscription-based where you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually for the services we render which cuts across maintenances and management contract that includes supplies of consumables, repairs of machine and replacement of part of the machine.

Tenaui Africa Limited understands the relevance and impact of documentation and archiving to the branding and reputation of your business. Archiving is a significant tool that is necessary to secure your business information and protect your image. It allows you to access your important documents from any device in the world by scanning and storing them digitally. It also saves you the trouble of filing your documents in cabinets and paper folders.
Seeing the primary role archiving and documentation play for businesses, Tenaui Africa Limited provides reliable and efficient scanners that are flexible, compact, durable, intuitive, and highly productive to aid you to achieve the goal you have projected for your business. With our portable, fast and efficient scanners you can turn your receipts, reports, contracts, business cards and other documents into formats like PDF, making them easily accessible.
We are the hub of digital imaging. We provide quality and cost-effective solutions to any digital imaging project you are working on. Be rest assured that with Tenaui Africa Limited, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and your reputation will blossom at the envy of your competitors.

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